Friday, 30 November 2012

Travel | NYC 2012

*Warning picture heavy post*

I'm sure i promised sometime in august that I would be writing more detailed posts on what i got up to in my summer.. However, it is now 1 day away from December and I seem to forgotten to do this! Better late than never i guess. Also I'm almost certain they wont get done in order so please bare with me!

So here goes instalment number one of my summer 2012:

I was very lucky that I was so spoilt on my 18th Birthday as a week later my mum & dad jetted me off to New York. I have always been quite lucky with holidays and normally manage to go to America every other year since i was 7, so i knew alot of what NY would be about although I had not been there before.

I went for 4 days and had an amazing time and even came back with some dollars still in my purse! I'm a massive shopaholic but with all the amazing sights new york has to offer i didn't get as much shopping in as i thought i would have. I had an amazing holiday and it was lovely to be able to spend some time with my mum and dad as i dont usually see them a lot. I'd recommend the holiday to anyone and if any of you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them just comment or email! :)

Rather than list off what I did I thought i would share a few of my favourite holiday snaps...
(excuse the weird order)

Cheesy pic on the ferry

Couldn't resist getting lost in the original Tiffany

Rockefeller Centre 


Central Park Fountain

View from our hotel room

Who let out the cons?

Forgot my ghds :(

Bakery from sex and the city

Disco pants.. excuse the knicker line im wearing a leotard

World Trade Centre

Mandatory NY Taxi Picture

Central Park Boat house as seen in mr poppers penguins

Lots of Love