Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lifestyle | Birthday week!

This week I turned the ripe old age of 20! 'Ahh I'm like the Crypt keeper!' (Unnecessary Freaky Friday quote). I know this is still so young but I can't help but feel the best 1/4 of my life has come to an end and now I have to be a real adult!

So, making the most of my last teenage days I extended my birthday to a week instead and thought I would share with you all what I got up to. 

I'm fortunate enough that my birthday has always landed near the back holiday or half term so it's always been easy enough to miss school/work/college/Uni and have free time to make the most of it. 

I started the celebrations last Thursday, I finished my second year of university this day so what better day to start the celebrations! I was in Leeds and Route 94 was playing in mint club (must go here before you die!!) so after some hunting around me and some of my closest friends got tickets and had a great night after a fair bit of queuing! 

On the Friday I celebrated my birthday along with one of my friends who's birthday is just before and all of my uni friends. We did a pub crawl which is famous in Leeds called the otley run where you basically visit all the pubs in headingley whilst in fancy dress, are theme was 90s. Check out me as a troll doll..

On the Saturday I spent the majority of my day on a train traveling back down south to spend my actual birthday back home. Due to it being bank holiday weekend the train was absolutely rammed! I got in around tea time and had a pizza night with the family. 

Sunday consisted of a major lay in followed by lots of food and then in the evening I went out for cocktails with one of the girls. 

Monday was bank holiday, pretty chilled out. Had a day in with my brother, sister and nephew and discovered some old home movies which were hilarious to watch back! Then in the evening went with my dad to visit my nan. 

Tuesday was the big day itself, 20. Woke up and counted how many wrinkles I had gained then had my auntie and 2 little cousins around for the morning along with my nephew. Then in the afternoon had a 'picky tea' and ate so much I thought my belly might genuinely explode. In the evening I had a sleepover with my nephew whilst he watched plant vs. zombie tutorials on YouTube.. Who knew a 6 year old new about tutorials!! 

Wednesday was the last day of my birthday week. In the day I went and helped my mum out at work, she's a primary school teacher and needed her classroom moved around for the new term. Then in the evening I went for dinner in an American diner with some of the girls. 

I have had a great week and the celebrating has softened the blow on turning 20 just a little bit. On the plus side.. Vegas is only one year away!!! 

Has anybody else celebrated a birthday recently? 
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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Fashion | Summer Holiday Outfit Featuring 'Pink' by Victoria secret crop top

Victoria secret is still such a novelty even now that it's in the UK. I'm fortunate enough to have a store in my local shopping centre here in Leeds and find myself in there on a weekly basis!

A while back I got a voucher free with a purchase as they had a promotion on where they gave out gift cards that had a minimum of £10 on. I went back in a week later with the intention of just getting something £10 or less so it wouldn't cost me anything. 

I walked I to the 'pink' side of the store and immediately spotted this top on the side. They had it in a variety of colours but it was this green leafy print one that I was drawn to. Something about it just shouted holiday at me so that was it I had to have it. 

It was £22 so with my voucher I managed to get it for the absolute steal of £12!! There is nothing better than getting a bargain is there. 

To get the holiday look I have paired the top up with this denim look skater skirt which I brought last year from topshop. The whole outfit is very comfy and would be ideal for hot days or for a holiday abroad. I think the blue of the skirt really compliments the blue undertones in the top and I am head over heals in love with  the cage like back! 

What is it about having your back on show? The only slight issue is that it's not very bra friendly but it does have built in support and I chose to wear it with a strapless stick on bra which is not even slightly noticeable and can be purchased in primark for just £5. 

I also think the top could be worn on a night out with high waisted trousers or a more evening style high waisted skirt. Or maybe non high waisted if you have great abs which I certainly do not! 

Has anyone else brought any summer clothes from the new UK based Pink stores?  

You can find your nearest pink store here: http://www.victoriassecret.co.uk/ 
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Beauty | Benefit 'Gimme Brow' Review

I have been a huge fan of benefit cosmetics for as long as I can remember, mainly due to their amazing packaging!

It is by no means a cheap product but the quality is really worth the price if you can afford to strech your budget. 

My eyebrows are naturally very dark (and bushy) but quite sparce and gappy so I have opted to filling them in for years. An old favourite of mine was benefit 'Brow Zings' but costing £24.50 I sometimes opted for  a similar budget version by elf for only £3.95! 

I recently had my brows waxed at benefits brow bar (would highly reccomend if you like arched brows) and they used the 'Gimme Brow' on them after. I know the product has been around a while now but it never really appealed to me before, but, after seeing what it looked like once applied I had to get it! 

It's a brow volumising fibre gel and looks just like a tiny mascara brush. It Is so easy to appy and sticks all crazy run away eyebrow hairs into place perfectly, at the same time filling in your patchy bits. 

I got in the shade medium/deep and it matches perfectly. I cannot get enough of this product and at only £17.50 it's much more affordable for a long term product. It's a 30g product and you literally only need to use a tiny bit so it should last for ages (I have had it a month already). 

The only downside is that there seems to be a product build up around the opening which happens only after a couple of uses, this may not be the case for everyone but mine certainly leaves a bit of a mess which I have been a bit weary of.

Apart from that I am in love with it so would easily rate a big 4 out of 5! 

Here are some before and after pictures to give you a better idea. 



And the product itself.. 

Has anybody else tried this product yet, I know it was a blogger must have for quite a while!

Brow Zings £24.50

Gimme Brow £17.50

Elf Studio Brow Kit £3.95

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Saturday, 17 May 2014


I am not even really sure where to begin with this. I have been reading various blogs for a while now and thought it was about time I started up my own!

I love all things fashion, beauty and travel related and thought id also like to add in a few home posts as well along the way. I might even add in an odd cooking/recipie post here and there! I will hope to post every Sunday as of now. 

Let's just call this my lifestyle blog..

So welcome to 'passion 0527' my new venture. 

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