Sunday, 18 May 2014

Beauty | Benefit 'Gimme Brow' Review

I have been a huge fan of benefit cosmetics for as long as I can remember, mainly due to their amazing packaging!

It is by no means a cheap product but the quality is really worth the price if you can afford to strech your budget. 

My eyebrows are naturally very dark (and bushy) but quite sparce and gappy so I have opted to filling them in for years. An old favourite of mine was benefit 'Brow Zings' but costing £24.50 I sometimes opted for  a similar budget version by elf for only £3.95! 

I recently had my brows waxed at benefits brow bar (would highly reccomend if you like arched brows) and they used the 'Gimme Brow' on them after. I know the product has been around a while now but it never really appealed to me before, but, after seeing what it looked like once applied I had to get it! 

It's a brow volumising fibre gel and looks just like a tiny mascara brush. It Is so easy to appy and sticks all crazy run away eyebrow hairs into place perfectly, at the same time filling in your patchy bits. 

I got in the shade medium/deep and it matches perfectly. I cannot get enough of this product and at only £17.50 it's much more affordable for a long term product. It's a 30g product and you literally only need to use a tiny bit so it should last for ages (I have had it a month already). 

The only downside is that there seems to be a product build up around the opening which happens only after a couple of uses, this may not be the case for everyone but mine certainly leaves a bit of a mess which I have been a bit weary of.

Apart from that I am in love with it so would easily rate a big 4 out of 5! 

Here are some before and after pictures to give you a better idea. 



And the product itself.. 

Has anybody else tried this product yet, I know it was a blogger must have for quite a while!

Brow Zings £24.50

Gimme Brow £17.50

Elf Studio Brow Kit £3.95

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