Sunday, 31 August 2014

Fashion | Outfit Ft Pink by Victoria Secret sports bra

Let me start by saying, that I am very much aware that this is in fact a sports bra and not a top. I know how annoyed some people get at the sight of a women in a sports bra in the gym. I personally don't get this, your in the gym surely you should be wearing comfortable sports clothes. At least this way theres no layers to sweat through.

Any how back to the point. I had a 10 pound voucher to spend in Victoria Secret and whilst browsing in the PINK section of the store my eyes landed on this. It was unlike anything I had seen before, there was just the one left, and it was my size. It was meant to be. I picked it up and marched straight to the till, thrusting my voucher and the rest of the 26 pounds at the cashier and gladly taking my petty pink bag and skipping out of the store.

Not being one to enjoy or partake in any kind of sport (unless you count laps between the fridge and the freezer) my next issue was deciding what an earth I was going to do with a 'sports bra'. Well I decided there wasn't much difference between this and a crop top and this was way too pretty to kept hidden away.

Here was the final outfit I decided on, the high skirt means there is not too much belly on show and adds to the summery feel of the outfit. The skirt is a denim look skater skirt from topshop.

This is an outfit I would probably reserve for a holiday abroad but the  braver girls among us may well wear this on a rare summers day in England.

If I have offended anyone by wearing a sports bra in public or worse outside of the gym please feel free to click off at any time. This is my own personal style and my own personal views and I do understand that not everybody will share those views.

Does anyone else brave crazy sports bras with normal clothes? Nope.. just me then *hands over eyes*

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Travel | what's in my suitcase

It has been way too long since I packed a summer suitcase.

Well it's only been 2 years so I'm being a bit spoilt there but I was so excited to pack! I'm off to calafornia for 3 weeks for a family holiday so have tried to keep half my suitcase empty for newbies ;)

This was so tough so I thought I'd show you what made the final cut. 

A couple of light jackets/ cover ups (I also added in a denim shirt). 

Some day dresses and playsuits.. I don't want to give too much away incase I decide to do a few outfit posts. 

Skirts, skorts & shorts. 

A whole load of random tops.. LA Lakers top just seemed a must seeing as that's where I'm jetting off to. 

A small bag for carrying around daily necessities, I opted for gold as it goes with most and it's quite summery, also this style takes up no room in the old suitcase. 

A couple of pairs of pjs, If your familiar with the US you may have shopped in a store called 'old navy' it's kind of like a cheaper version of gap. I absolutely love their pajamas and mine are all well worn so I'm in need of some new ones which is why I've opted for only a couple pairs to pack. 

I couldn't resist picking up my nephew some cute little holiday bits. 

 A hat and sunglasses, I also have ray bans at my mums but I don't think they really suit me. I might take them to see if they grow on me but I haven't decided yet. 

Footwear.. This was the hardest for me to cut down but I did it eventually after a lot of debating. I went for 3 simple pairs of sandles & my white and red nikes just incase I need comfy shoes one day. 

I don't know why I'm sharing my undies with you.. Pretty self explanatory and an essential if I do say so myself. 

A beach towel & a few bikinis. 

Make up, nail stuff & my favourite summer perfume. 

I went so OTT on toiletries. But I'm hoping I will have used the majority before I fly back! 

And of course, my hand luggage. I am so 90s. Separate post of what's in there is already up. 

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Work Life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: part 3 (4)

We are now half way through the work saga! I can't believe I'm 3 months into my new job. Time really has gone ridiculously quickly.

Some of this jewellery I literally never wear outside of work so it's actually quite strange wearing it on a regular basis. 

This is my favourite ring, you don't often see pretty black rings so I like it a lot. They are both from primark at around £1.50 each. 

I originally brought these earrings for a black tie event. I had my hair in an updo and wanted them to really stand out so that I didn't look too manly. £1.50 primark. The ring I can't remember where it's from, riverisland I think but again I've had it for a while and think it was about £8. It's very pretty but the little balls always get caught on stuff! 

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Travel | what's in my hand luggage

Firstly, please appriciate this bag. I have had some very strange looks & comments when using this!

I wish I could like in the 90s still it's my favourite thing and I love it. As soon as I saw this bag I flashed back to being a kid again and just had to have it. 

Some of you may know that I'm off to the USA for a holiday so I wanted to jump on the band wagon and kick off some holiday posts to get me in the mood. 

My main reason for breaking girl code, and using this instead of a handbag for hand luggage, is that I'm debating getting a new bag whilst over in the states so if I do this one will deflate (LOL) and take up next to no room in my suitcase whilst still being roomy enough for all my stuff. 

Firstly, and most importantly, my passport. 

My glasses, it's no fun being blind for 3 weeks. 

I am so fortunate & super excited to stay that I'll be seeing eminem whilst I'm over there so the tickets were a must! 

Comfy socks for the plane - Boys socks are my favourite. 

My purse, a pen & a travel size moisturiser. I'm hoping the 12 hour flight won't ruin my skin too much with a bit of moisturising help. 

My iPad loaded up with iBooks & films for the plane. 

These cat eyed glasses are my current go to's so they made it to the hand luggage. 

iPhone and headphones.. Why do they look so grubby here!? Ew. 

I'll probably grab a bottle of water & some snacks at the airport too. 

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Work life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: part 3 (3)

Week 3 of jewellery for work.

This is probably as colourful as it gets and the least used items in my collection at the moment. 

The ring was £1 in primark so an absolute bargain and I love the blue. The earrings I actually can't remember where there from as I have had them quite a while now. Most likely new look or primark tho for a few quid. 

These earrings were from riverisland, I got them when I was in year 11 and I had a purple uniform. There quite heavy so I don't wear them regulary I think I got them for around £8. The ring I got for 50p in a primark sale.. I still can't believe primark actually has sales!

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Beauty | Empties!

I have been meaning to do this post for so long now! I've been hoarding all the used up packets even since before I moved so I actually ended up packing empty products for the big move.

1) Batiste dry shampoo in blush

This is a product I have used up and repurchased countless amounts of times & blush is my go to option. It's so great for in between washes & I've not found another dry shampoo that can compete with this. 10/10

2) Nivea invisible deodorant 

There's only so much you can say about a deodorant isn't there. It done the job so 10/10

3) hair dye conditioners

This is quite a random one, I colour my hair fairly often and tend to use a couple of dyes each time so end up with silly amounts of these conditioners. I just wanted to get them used up really so not to waste. 7/10

4) yankee tea candles in pink sands 

The smell of these are amazing and I've used up 3 or 4 now. The only issue I found is that the wick burns out before the whole candle is burnt and they only work if you use the whole candle at once. 6/10

5) primark tea tree wipes

I know wipes are frowned apon in beauty world but I can't live without them. Whether is wiping make up off my hands and desk or removing make up in a last minute attempt to save your skin on a late night. I repurchase these regularly and think they look loads better now that they've changed the packaging! 8/10

6) max factor lasting performance foundation

I have loved this foundation since I was about 14 I think! I have tried countless others but always find myself going back to this one. Firstly, it's the bargain price of £10 and I just find the consistency works for me. 10/10

Do any of you use these products? What did you think of them? 
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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Work Life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: part 3 (2)

I'm going to go straight into it this week, the same format of my work jewellery consisting of statement earrings and costume rings.

Exhibit A 

No pun intended. I love this scrabble ring.. It's so quirky yet so tacky but sometimes it makes a nice change and simple earrings look better when I have my big plait dos that you might have witnessed in part 1 of the work saga. 
I got the ring on eBay a few years back and the earrings were part of a set from new look if I remember right. 

Exhibit B

These are my new favourite earrings, I don't know why, they remind me of pat butcher but I felt like I needed them and they look less tacky for work than normal 'dangly' earrings. The ring I first brought I'm black and decided to go back and get the white because I liked it that much. 
Both were from primark around £1.50 each. 

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