Sunday, 21 September 2014

Beauty | The Glamour beauty Power Box 2014

After falling in love with the first Glamour beauty box, I knew I needed the second one.

At £15.99 with free delivery for 7 products and a years free online subscriptions to Glamour magazine you really cannot go wrong. The reason why I love this beauty box is because you know exactly what your getting. There is no disappointing surprises. The box is available from Latest In Beauty here but be warned they only have limited numbers available.

I love how much care goes into the packaging, I'm a sucker for packaging!

The box contained the following products, I will be reviewing my favourites right here on my blog at a later date so keep your eyes peeled for those posts.

1. Philip Kingsley - Daily Damage defence
I don't tend to use a lot of heat on my hair so I have never bothered to purchase heat defence, I used to use the GHD one religiously when I had an addiction to straightners but since I have ditched them I have ditched the heat defence. I think this will come in handy on occasion but I doubt I will re-buy. The box comes with a 60ml bottle worth £7.50, the full size is 250ml and costs £22. Both are available to purchase here. 

2. James Read - Sleep Tan Mask
I am super excited to try this. As a self confessed tanaholic, the thought of a sleep in tan mask sounds like heaven. I will be sure to review this product after a few uses! The box came with a half size 25ml portion, the full 50ml is available here for £25.

3. Bourjois - Volume 1 Second Mascara
Bourjois describes this mascara as having a 'unique brush with spherical bristles to wrap every lash and straight bristles to create clump free definition.'. This is unlike my everyday mascara but I am intrigued to see the difference. The box included a full size mascara which is available here for £9.99.

4. Laura Mercier - Foundation Primer
I have had a real struggle with finding a primer that works for me, I have quite noticeable pours around the nose area which I hate and, so far I haven't been able to find a primer that works... and believe me I have tried a lot! The box comes with a 30ml sample size so hopefully I can test this out and see if theres a difference. Click here for the full size product at £29.

5. Eyeko - Mascara Off Wipes
Again, not something that I am likely to re purchase but Ideal for when I am away for a weekend! They come in a full size back of 10 which costs £6 which is quite pricey for 10 wipes so will be interesting to see how amazing these are. Buy here. 

6. Liz Earle - Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
 This is the reason why I needed this box, I have wanted to try this cleanser in forever but I always seem to run out of cleanser when I am broke as a joke and opt for my usual clean and clear bargain cleanser! This is the perfect opportunity to try this out before I decided wether or not to throw my hard earned cash at it. It comes in a variety of sizes and packages and the box included a 30Ml started kits available here for £5.50. The packaging is so amazing also which is always an added bonus.

7. Maybelline - Colour Sensation Stripped Nudes in 710 Bare sands
The new range on nude lipsticks from Maybelline are available in 6 different shades costing £6.99 each. I am quite disappointed in this product for a few reasons. The packaging is ugly and plain and the shade I received was way too pale for anyone - It reminds me of a collection 2000 shade I had back in the day called 'Birthday Suite' and results in lips that look like you've just finished eating a tub of hand cream.

Safe to say I wont be repurchasing this - It did come in a full size and is available here in all shades.

Did you get this beauty box? What was your favourite item?

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Work life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: Part 4 (3)

I am still not really happy with the quality of these photos but I'm getting there!

Outfit one:

Dress: Quiz Clothing £25
Blazer: Next Sale £16

Outfit two:

Dress: Next £35
Blazer: Primark £12

Can you tell I was having too much fun taking outfit pictures this day! I think once I have the lighting sorted these images might actually be alright! 
I have also put more brown through my hair so it is much darker.. whatta ya reckon?

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Lifestyle | USA California Haul!!

This is a major exciting post to write, I have been back a few weeks now and have been suffering with major holiday blues! So what a perfect time to share the love with all the amazing things I was lucky enough to pick up whilst I was over there.

I don't know about you, but personally I am mega nosey and love looking at what people but have brought.. especially from America what with it being my favourite place in the world AND having such a great beauty culture!

Be warned this post is *PHOTO HEAVY* 

My favourite American treats

Hershey's Kisses my absolute fav american chocolates & presents for the work gang

Back to school in America & presents for my little cousins 

They have amazing cards, I picked this up for a friends up coming birthday

I haven't brought ears since I was 7 so these were long over due!!

Back to school for myself, could not resist these glittery note books & neon flash cards

Anaheim shot glass for the holiday collection

One of my all time favourite things about America.. TOILET SEAT COVERSSS

The most amazing valentino dupes!! See post about there here

Mac haul = girl heaven separate post coming soon

Ulta haul & new favourite store! Separate post coming soon

99c crazy coloured socks 

My love of Nikes could not bare to be in the states without picking up some newbies

If you follow me on twitter or instagram you may know that I have recently moved house, both my front
and back door keys are identical so I wanted something to differentiate them.. this was perfect! 

My nephew got me this when he went to Lego Land LA

I went to LA aged 11 and got a tinkerbell keyring just like this, she now has no wings,
no arms and her face has rubbed off so I got this as a replacement for her

Christmas Tree decoration, a disneyland tradition of mine

Facts on disneyland - Very interesting if your obsessed with Disney

Abercrombie & Fitch kids Jeans for $20 = £12 amazing quality jeans!!
Goodbye Topshop Leighs
White Girl wasted Beer Pong set
Aldo tan hand bag - This reminded me of the Chloè lock bags

Last & definitely not least I got a mac book pro!! Feels so good to have a laptop again after months of iphone posts
Of course I had to customise it to be all pink everything

What would you have brought?

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Work life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: part 4 (2)

I need some serious help with these outfit photos! 1. I look like a horrendous troll & 2. The quality is not coming out well and is making the outfits look so dark and dull!

I'll go straight into it as I know your all here to see the clothes not and not to practise your ready! 

Outfit one:

I got the top from F&F in tesco for the bargain price of £10.. I'm in love with the Topshop ones and when I saw this, being a lover of polka dots, I had to have it. I was pleasantly surprised in how good quality it is and washes really well.
The skirt is a classic for work and was £15 in H&M, it is available in a range of colours and is so comfy! I actually despise work clothes so found it such a dull chore filling up my wardrobe with this style of clothes but I'm slowly getting used to it now.
The blazer is an oldie but a goody. I'm sure we all owned one of these bad boys from New Look back in the day. For some unknown reason I went for pink.. I never buy pink clothes so this is a rarity in my wardrobe. I love it for the office because it is just so light and comfy so I am glad I kept hold of it all these years! 

Here's a close up for some unknown reason. 

Outfit Two:

This dress is a solid favourite of mine for work, especially for the summer months. This is actually also by F&F at Tesco... I swear that's not where I buy my best clothes!! I think it cost around £20 and is again really comfy.. are you spotting a theme here?

 My face look extra ugly in this one so it was best for everyone that it got cropped off *hands over face*. This dress is the perfect length for work and looks great with a blazer. I personally think that it would also be really nice for a family occasion or a trip to the races.

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