Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Work Life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: part 3 (1)

I can't believe I'm on part 3 already, doesn't time fly when your having fun!

I wanted to show you what jewellery I wear for work this month. I'm not really a massive fan of jewellery, I normally stick to a a simple gold ring that used to belong to my mum, my Tiffany bracelet & some kind of earrings. 

For work I try to wear statement earrings in the stud variety just to look a bit smarter and I always have a costume ring on for work to cover a tattoo I have. 

I love these as I don't often wear cream jewellery so it makes a nice change. Both from primark & cost £1.50 each I think. 

These are oldies but goodies. You can tell that they have probably seen better days and are probably 20% superglue right now. They were from riverisland.. I'm going to go with 6 years ago? Wow that's insane. I still love them. There so in your face and bright and leopard and pink and sometimes you just need that. 

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Beauty | The Glamour Beauty Edit

As soon as I saw this in this months glamour magazine I new I had to have it.

Firstly the packaging is stunning and I can't wait to find a good use for this box! The best part about this is that you get to see what's inside before you purchase so there are no unwelcome surprises and you know it's worth your money before you press buy. 

How cute is that little sticker! I love how much effort has gone in to each little detail! It was £16.95 for 9 good sized products worth over £70 in total so an absolute steal and means you get to try some products you wouldn't usually buy. 

Now onto the products! 

1. Rommel Sun Shimmer BB Matte skin perfector 

I love Rommel sun shimmer so was made up to see this in the box. I haven't tried the matte one yet so really excited to see the results of this! Will use up my current one before opening though. £6.99

2. Hawaiian tropic sun protector in factor 30 

This is the perfect size for your handbag to carry around on holiday and seeing as I'm jetting off soon it was great timing. I normally opt for a lower factor as I don't burn that easily but it will be nice to have the higher factor for beach days where there isn't much shade. It smells amazing too. 
£6.49 for full size (200ml)

3. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Having naturally oily skin this cleanser seemed quite intimidating to me! But I have tried it out and loved the results. I will do a proper review once I use up my current 1000 cleansers I have on the go ( I wish I could find one I like and stick to it already!). 

4. Bourjois cream blush in shade 03 rose tender

I have been using this everyday and cannot get enough, my usual blush was a powder kind and I think the cream kind leaves a much more natural effect to your skin so goes great with tinted moisturiser. 

5. Crabtree & Everlyn nail polish in red shade apple/rouge sublime

Weirdly, I didn't actually own a red nail varnish. I think I have always associated it with older women and shyed away from it completely. I tried the shade out a day or 2 later and really loved it. It wasn't to harsh and was super easy to apply. Blog post coming soon. 

6. Magnifibres 

This was probably my favourite item included in the box. I'm a huge lover of false lashes so anything lash related is worth a try in my books. I had red a few bad reviews so was a bit apprehensive about trying it out but the results I achieved instantly changed that. More ok these in an upcoming blog post. 

7. Velvotan tanning mit

During the winter month I can't quite bare to flash my paper white skin so opt for a rich shade of orange instead. With applying fake tan a mit is a must have, I have gone through countless & am sure this one will be up there with others in quality terms. 

8. Toni & Guy hair whip
Everyone loves big hair including me. I am so excited to try this, it promises big volumous hair without the sticky mess. 

9. Illimasquia glamour nude lipstick in the shade naked

This was my main reason for purchasing the beauty box and I was so disappointed to find the shade naked in there. It's probably the shade that would suit my skin toan the worst of the whole collection but I keep trying it and am hoping it will grow on me. 

Did any off you purchase this beauty box? What was your favourite item?
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Work life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: part 2 (4)

Shoes as by far my favourite and I'm sure I have already mentioned that a few times.  This is the last in this part so here goes the last 2 pairs.

Style 1:

So simple yet so Dorothy. It's nice to brighten up a work outfit, I feel like maybe everyone in my office hates me for always wearing such bright outfits and making them look duller than they actually are! haha 

Style 2: 

These were a great buy last year. £12 from primark and they are comfy and flat and high and black and have heels and what more could you want!! These have got a bit battered for work now but in good condition they were perfect for the office! 

I never get tired of buying shoes and my shoe collection got out of hand a long time ago but sometimes you just 'need them' 

It's weird to think that, all these shoes, and my go to pair are a battered up pair of nike air max! 

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lifestyle | Haul | home, holiday & random bits

Who doesn't love a haul?

It is safe to say that I should not be allowed into town unsupervised. I used to not really get on with shopping and spent most of my time online shopping instead. I then realised I just don't like shopping with other people. 

Shopping by yourself means that you can go at your own speed and look in the shops you want to and go back an forth all day.. As great as it is for me shopping alone my bank account is not as appreciative! 

I initially popped into town for cushions and toiletries and came back with two dead arms and an unmanagable amount of stuff. 

I did manage to get the cushions so that's one thing! 2 for £7 in primark and they were exactly what I was after to dress up my bed a bit. I have recently moved which you may be aware of if you follow me on twitter (@passion0527) so the house was still looking a bit bare! 

I also picked up these cool fridge magnet photo frames for £1 in home bargains, a candle from primark £2 I love these candles and buy them repeatedly! I also got some maskin tape from a stationary store for £3 to attach some fairy lights to the ceiling above my bed. 

This was £1 in primark so I just couldn't leave it there! 

The last 'home' item was these slippers, £2 in primark and they are so fluffy and comfy! I now have laminate flooring in my hallway and kitchen so I didn't want cold feet in the mornings. 

On to the holiday buys - the real reason for my shopping trip. I've been preparing to go on holiday for months now and as the count down is getting closer i new it was time to start picking up all my holiday toiletries. How cute is that miniature Nivea I got for my hand luggage for 65p!! 

More holiday buys.. 

A big beach towel is a must for going on holiday, I had been meaning to pick up the leopard print one in primark for ages and kept forgetting, when I finally went to pick it up they were all sold out :( luckily there was 1 zebra print one left so I got that as a consolation prize. 

I haven't worn foam flip flops in years (other than the ones I have been handed by the street angels on a night out when I can no longer handle my heels) so I thought these might be a welcome addition for quick trips to the pool. 

This was a shitter to photograph so I gave up trying. It's a lace playsuit cover up, again perfect for quick trips to the pool. I originally picked it up in white but they didn't have my size & I thought black probably went better with my bikini collection anyway. 

Now for the completely radom buys, I am a compulsive underwear buyer and thoroughly believe I'll have to build an extension in the near future to hold it all! It's something I pick up on impulse more often than not. 

It's my brothers birthday coming up and instead of cold hard cash I opted for dollars so he can spend them on holiday. Also chocolate,  everyone likes chocolate for their birthday right! 

I have a small tattoo on one of my knuckles so I always were costume rings to cover it whilst at work, primark jewellery is cheap and good enough quality to do the job so I'm always on a look out at their jewellery and couldn't resist these little bits coming to a total of £6!

Red hair can be a mare to keep up so hair dye is a frequent buy for me. 

This is a strange thing to put in a haul but I thought I may as well include it. I have been doing slim fast this last week and found myself in town later than expected absolutely starving so picked these up just to keep my stomach at bay until I got home! 

Last but definitely not least. Elmo pjs and nemo socks!! These are the sort of things you see and just can't imagine your life without them. I am such a big kid at heart.  

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Lifestyle | Mid week mini series | The work saga: part 2 (3)

Today's an exciting one!

These are my favourite work shoes, I was supposed to wait for week 4 but I couldn't wait any longer. 

Heels 🎉👠👏

Style 1:

Pointed heels look so smart for work and these ones are only about 2inch which before I would have referred to as 'kitten heels' and would have puked at the sight of them but I think these look so smart for work and aren't too uncomfortable for all day wear. 

£10 in the garage shoes sales

Style 2: 
Practical but not so pretty. 

These blue wedges are the lightest shoes I have ever owned and are ever so comfy so great for work. £17 from tk max

I usefully opt for flats but sometimes it makes a nice change to put some heels on for an important conference or meeting. 

Do you ever wear heels to work? 

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Beauty | £2 chubby stick!

The post I had lined up for today was in fact my top summer beauty products. However, for some bizzare reason my draft didn't save so I lost the whole post as well as all the pictures that went with it. What a nightmare.

So.. Instead I thought I would share with you that glamour are giving away a free chubby stick with their £2 mag!! 

I'm sure most of you have been made aware of this already but I thought I would share in case any of you don't! 

Also out now is the latest in beauty glamour edit beauty box. 

I ordered as soon as I saw it and am eagerly waiting it's arrival!! I'll be sure to post about it when it arrives. £84 worth of products for a mere £17 I could not help myself. 

There is still some left so if your intrested log on to


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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Work Life | Mid week mini series | the work saga: part 2 (2)

We are on week 2 of part 2 of the work saga.. That was a mouthful.

This is a boring but very much staple style in any females shoe collection expecially when it comes to work wear. 

Style 1: 

A must have in any girls wardrobe. The black dolly shoe although basic and boring, goes with just about anything and are comfy as hell! These babies were about  £6 from primark. 

Style 2: 
Here we have the same shoe but a different colour, like a shoe twin. I haven't even worn these yet and am not sure how to describe the colour of them but I thought they were a pretty natural colour for work and will come in handy over summer when it want to avoid black. 

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