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Between being a student, spending all of my money on make up and being knackered every night by 9pm I have spend a lot of time recently on netflix. I just love the convenience of being able to watch a whole series in one night, from wherever I might be.

I'm always looking for new things to watch when up at 3am and can't sleep so I wanted to share the love and recommend my top 5 series to you!

1) Pretty Little Liars

Now I know there's been a lot of excitement over this the last year or 2 but I have been watching right since episode one when it aired in the UK on viva (UK freeview channel) and went on to stream online weekly when it was only being shown in the USA. When it finally came on to Netflix I could have literally peed my pants with excitement. 

I am honestly hooked. Who is this A and how are they everywhere all of the time! The basic plot is of 5 best girl friends who have all been a bit Regina George victimised by their BFF Alison when one night she vanished and that's where it all begins. 

I would recommend to anyone into girly series/films/Romcoms but I'm sure there are some males out there enjoying it too. When the series first came out not many people watched it and so I had nobody to share my excitement with, now with it on Netflix gradually all my friends are getting hooked... YAY!

2) Once Upon a Time

This is another series that aired on UK freeview TV, I can't remember what channel or for how long but it was there somewhere.

My sister always watched and raved about it and then it came on Netflix and she watched it all over along with my 7 year old nephew. They both went on and on about it so eventually I caved and put on episode one. 

Well that was it, 4 series consisting of about 22 episodes each, all over before I knew it. I loved it and cannot wait for a new series to be released! 

It's about fairy tale creatures such as red riding hood and Snow White and without giving too much away it tells all of their story's. It's really unpredictable and the story line is always changing with new characters being introduced all of the time. It's really fun trying to guess what character they are before it is revealed. 

Again I would highly recommend, this time to literally everyone! Old, young, male, female, whatever your interests are you are bound to get hooked.

3) Orange is the New Black

Ok ok I bet your all sick of hearing about this one what with season 3 being released but I couldn't do a Netflix post and not include.

I think this may have actually been the show that made me get Netflix. I remember seeing the advert in the cinema and just thinking yes I love prison dramas!! (Think back to bag girls- I hope some of you watched that because it was insane!) 

It's funny, it's emotional, it'll leave you at the edge of your seat and make you watch 13 hours straight in one day. 

I wasn't as impressed with the 3rd series but I still love it non the less. I did forget how graphic it could be, I'm glad I didn't watch it with my dad anyway... 

I have to mention Ruby Rose as well.. She is just flawless. 

4) Unbreakable kimmy Schmidt

This was something that I had been recommended to watch, I didn't think it sounded all that but eventually decided to give it a go one Saturday night when I couldn't sleep. 

It is absolutely hilarious! I cried with laughter the whole way through and had the whole series finished the same weekend. I am dying for them to release a season 2 already! 

It's by the same creator as mean girls and is about a girl who has been held in an underground bunker for the last 10 years and her life once she is freed. 

I think if your easily offended maybe this isn't one for you but if you like a good laugh and are a fan of mean girls you HAVE to watch!

5) RuPauls Drag Race 

I can't even explain why I started watching this, I have nothing against drag but it was never an interest of mine. 

I put it on in the background one day whilst I was tidying up but soon found myself sat watching it for hours desperate to see which drag won. 

It's pretty much a reality series where a bunch of drag queens get together and compete on weekly tasks. At the end of the week the 2 worst contestants have a lip sync battle to see who gets sent home. 

It's really funny and some of the drag is breathtakingly amazing.. I had so much make up envy throughout and have already started on the second season and stalked all the drags on Instagram!

Has anyone else watched my favourite shows? What's your favourite series on Netflix I would love to know! Like a need a new one to get addicted too...

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