Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fashion | Valentinos on a budget

I have wanted a pair of Valentinos since way back when Millie Macintosh posted this photo on Instagram. I fell in love with them right away and knew, as an avid shoe collector, that I needed them.

After checking out the £600+ price tag I realised that maybe I would have to wait for them. I then gradually started seeing various styles pop out allover with the nude colour being the most popular. 

One evening I was browsing through VIPXO ebay posts when I saw she had found a jupe on ebay and I literally jumped with joy. Nude wasn't my colour of choice but they had the black and the pink also so I decided that as soon as I was back from my holiday I would order them. 

The next week I was in TK MAXX searching for flip flops when another pair caught my eye. They were all black valentino style (heels not flip flops) but the studded straps where clear so the studs looked free standing. There was just one pair in my size so yes it was meant to be. I got them to the till and it was then I realised that they were £75. Much better than the £600 Valentino price tag but still a bit pricey the week before a 3 week trip to America. I put the shoes back and had a silent cry to myself as I left the store.

Anyway here comes the really good part. Whilst in America there was a shopping outlet that we visited quite regularly and on the second to last day I spotted these in the window of a small clothes shop. It was like the world around me stood still and all that was left was me and these shoes. All the other near misses with Valentino wanna be shoes had all been for a reason because these are the absolute dream and far from the plain Jane blacks and nudes which every other dupe was made up of.

Leopard print is one of my all time favourites and these shoes are just me on so many levels. They cost me $30 which works out about £18 so they were literally the biggest bargain and they are so so comfy as well - This is a big statement coming from who girl who supports 'airmax always'.

Here I am wearing them in bed because I love them so much and I am sure you would all love to look at them some more.

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