Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Work Life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: part 4 (1)

You may have noticed that last week there was no mid week post. This was due to me just returning back from holiday, going back to work and just pure jet lag!

Now this is a part of the work saga that I have really been looking forward to, which is probably why I have left it till one of the last 'parts'. This is the sort of outfits I wear day to day in the office.

Please excuse my poor quality images, this is probably why I don't do that many outfit posts! I live with all boys so have know one to take good quality photos for me! *cry*

This outfit looks loads better in person and just screams Cher Clueless. Both the shirt £15 and the skirt £20 are from H&M and are currently in stock.

I love that this skirt is a little bit different, it is made up from a tiny black and white dog tooth pattern giving it a grey finish and is high wasted for a more flattering finish.

The next outfit is this maroon colour shift dress from primark, I believe it was between £10 and £15 but it was purchased a while ago.

It is comfy and flattering and has just the right length sleeves and skirt to it to make it feel that bit more professional.

Taking photos is so so boring and time consuming! I don't know how some of you bloggers find the time and get them looking so pro!

I would usually throw a blazer on top if I was off to a meeting or event but when I'm just sat in the office I prefer not to wear them.

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