Sunday, 31 August 2014

Fashion | Outfit Ft Pink by Victoria Secret sports bra

Let me start by saying, that I am very much aware that this is in fact a sports bra and not a top. I know how annoyed some people get at the sight of a women in a sports bra in the gym. I personally don't get this, your in the gym surely you should be wearing comfortable sports clothes. At least this way theres no layers to sweat through.

Any how back to the point. I had a 10 pound voucher to spend in Victoria Secret and whilst browsing in the PINK section of the store my eyes landed on this. It was unlike anything I had seen before, there was just the one left, and it was my size. It was meant to be. I picked it up and marched straight to the till, thrusting my voucher and the rest of the 26 pounds at the cashier and gladly taking my petty pink bag and skipping out of the store.

Not being one to enjoy or partake in any kind of sport (unless you count laps between the fridge and the freezer) my next issue was deciding what an earth I was going to do with a 'sports bra'. Well I decided there wasn't much difference between this and a crop top and this was way too pretty to kept hidden away.

Here was the final outfit I decided on, the high skirt means there is not too much belly on show and adds to the summery feel of the outfit. The skirt is a denim look skater skirt from topshop.

This is an outfit I would probably reserve for a holiday abroad but the  braver girls among us may well wear this on a rare summers day in England.

If I have offended anyone by wearing a sports bra in public or worse outside of the gym please feel free to click off at any time. This is my own personal style and my own personal views and I do understand that not everybody will share those views.

Does anyone else brave crazy sports bras with normal clothes? Nope.. just me then *hands over eyes*

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