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Beauty | How I clean, condition & disinfect my make up brushes

This is something I think very few of us enjoy doing and I for one don't clean my brushes as often as I know I should. When I think about all the germs that I must 'reapply' to my face on a daily basis it makes me feel a little sick. 

We all have our own methods so I thought I would share with you all mine. The brushes I am using at the moment and have been using for quite a while now are the real technique brushes. They are amazing quality and at such a good price you can't go wrong. 

To clean my brushes, I mix together standard hand soap with anti-bacterial gel and then mix that with the oil (this is what conditions the brushes as soap can dry them out). Kitchen roll or throw away cloths are great to rest the brushes on or to dry them on. If you are using anti-bacterial hand soap there is no need to add the anti-bacterial hand gel. 

I mix the solution together with a dirty brush in circle motions on the plate or whatever surface you are using, I then repeat the circle motions with the brush on to my hand. 

As you can see it can be quite messy and sometimes it shocks me the amount of product that the brushes can store, especially a foundation brush! 
Repeat these steps with all your brushes and rest them on the kitchen roll until you have finished this step with all of the brushes you will be cleaning, sometimes you may have to mix up more soap/oil solution if you find your brushes are soaking a lot up. 

One this is done I like to run the tap until I have a nice lukewarm temperature then run the brushes under facing downwards so not to get water into the inside of the brush where the glue is!

Again do the circle motion on the palm of your hand untill the water runs clear and then squeeze the excess water out. 

Place them all onto a clean piece of kitchen roll and try to press the brush back into its original shape so that it does not dry misshaped. 

Leave your brushes to dry and woahla.. they are good as new, I love when you can see the white tips again and they are no longer discoloured! 

What method do you use to clean your brushes? Do you do them regularly or like me, try to put it off? 

I am super excited to have clean brushes to use tomorrow now! 

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Lots of Love 

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