Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Work Life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: Part 1 (1)

Some of you may have seen in my previous post that I have decided on doing a new mini series here on passion 0527 revolving around work.

Part one is all about work hair! Say goodbye to your dull everyday style and take some inspiration from my ideas! Part one will run for 4 weeks and there will be a post up every Wednesday. 

Style one: 

Excusing the mirror selfie and the 'I want to kill you' look on my face this is my go to style. And yes, it is dull but could make a nice change if it's not something you usually do. 

I have quite long hair so it can be difficult to get into a bun using a donut as there is just too much hair but I do manage to achieve this messy style with a more structured shape. 

It's great because you cannot see any hair bands and takes about 2 minutes to put together. 

Style two: 

Slight inspiration from frozen here *covers face* this is one of my absolute favourite styles for work and so much easier than it looks! 

If you can do a very basic French plait then you will have no problem. Looks like you have made an effort and requires very little input and lasts fine all day. 

This style manages to keep your hair out of your face and looks professional without looking like you have tried to hard. 

If you like either styles please like this post! If your interested in tutorials for any of the styles I feature feel free to comment and let me know. 

Be sure to follow to find out next weeks styles! 


  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera".


    Greetings from Italy


    1. Thank you so much, I am so glad you enjoyed the post and will be sure to check out your blog!

      Ashley xx