Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Work life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: part 1 (3)

This is so much harder than I thought! I still wake up every morning (especially Mondays) and pine over my 30 second go to messy bun.. But so far I have stuck to my hair motivation and we are on to week 3!

Style 1: 

Anything bun/braid related gets a thumbs up from me! This style probably take 2-3 minutes and just dresses up a standard messy bun slightly and means it's so much easier to readjust during the day unlike the lopsided falling apart bun I'm sure we have all experienced to our horror, at some point. 

This was by the end of the day, still in tact but I do have very frizzy prone hair! 

Style 2:

This is a quick and easy pony tail with the hair wrapped around so to cover the hair band. 

I don't really like my hair in a ponytail and it's a style I only tend to use whilst wearing shameful men's Tshirts and not a scratch of make up, so it makes a nice change to have it done a bit nicer for work.  

What's your go to hair style in the morning? 

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  1. My hair is a nightmare in the morning, just don't have the time to style it before work and it's too heavy for a messy bun now as it's so long. Ponytails are my saviour!! You also really suit them.

    1. I feel your pain! You should try the braided bun on my latest post Hun you will be amazed at how well it holds up! Good hair grips are a life saver too!