Monday, 9 June 2014

Work Life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: part 1 (2)

If you've just landed here on my blog we are now on week 2 of my mid week mini series. 

The first theme I'm doing is all about hair for work so here goes week 2, enjoy!

Style 1:

It's an easy 2 minute hairstyle to dress up a dressed down outfit. I love this style when i want a comfy day and work but still want to look professional!  My manager actually told me I looked like a princess! 💁👑

As you can see the bun doesn't look it's best, I find this style would work better with shorter hair, mine is ridiculously long and gets in the way with some styles! If I was going all out I'd do this with a side donut bun. 

Style 2: 

This is a basic fish tail plait from behind with a middle parting. My layers like to poke out at every opportunity and it's a bit time consuming but if I've got an extra bit of time in the morning it's a style I like to do for a change. 

Are you spotting a trend here? 

That's right I love a braid!! Once again, if you are interested in tutorials for any of the styles I have featured in this mini series please let me know. 

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Happy Hump Day 💕

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