Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Work Life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: part 3 (2)

I'm going to go straight into it this week, the same format of my work jewellery consisting of statement earrings and costume rings.

Exhibit A 

No pun intended. I love this scrabble ring.. It's so quirky yet so tacky but sometimes it makes a nice change and simple earrings look better when I have my big plait dos that you might have witnessed in part 1 of the work saga. 
I got the ring on eBay a few years back and the earrings were part of a set from new look if I remember right. 

Exhibit B

These are my new favourite earrings, I don't know why, they remind me of pat butcher but I felt like I needed them and they look less tacky for work than normal 'dangly' earrings. The ring I first brought I'm black and decided to go back and get the white because I liked it that much. 
Both were from primark around £1.50 each. 

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