Sunday, 3 August 2014

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Some of you may be aware that I started using slim fast shakes just before I went on holiday. 

This was a completely new concept for me and I have found the process of cutting out 2 solid meals a day a strange one but I thought I would share with you my thoughts in case any of you are intrested in using slimfast. Be warned it's a bit of a ramble. 

I opted for the powder 'make your own' shakes purely because it was the cheapest all round option. My reasons for wanting to use slim fast was that I was going on holiday and just wanted to loose a few pounds. To completely honest I wasn't all that motivated and had a few cheat days! 

I decided to have 2 shakes a day for breakfast and lunch and stick to my normal dinners. At first I was having regular cereal bars as snacks but then I just cut out the snacks all together - I never found myself to be hungry I just craved treats in the evenings, that was my biggest struggle.  

I first tried the strawberry flavor which I liked instantly. Next up I tried vanilla, firstly the smell. I found it repulsive and really didn't want to try it and the first time I did try it I found I hated the taste too. After 2 or 3 tho I found that I actually really liked the flavor - Bizzare. 

The last flavor I tried was rich chocolate. I was apprehensive to try this as although I love chocolate shakes the 'rich' part made me thing of over powering coco hot chocolates but this is actually my favourite! 

There all a bit powdery but if you make sure to stur well there actually quite nice. I made a horrible mistake of pre mixing them in the mornings to take into work for lunch - do not do this. For some bizarre reason pre mixing them some hours before, regardless of them being stored in the fridge, made them taste like rotten copper. Vile. 

I now just take in my pre measured milk and a small Tupperware box with the measures out powder in and only mix the 2 when I am about to drink them. 

The shakes do keep you going all day and are so cost effective (£4 per can in boots which makes 12 shakes). I found it much easier than a standard diet as you know your portions and you don't have to keep thinking of meal ideas and things going off. And you always have your evening meal to look forward to. 

I am going to repeat again when I'm back off holiday and actually measure the differences. I carried this out a bit  halfheartedly and am now wishing I did it properly as all my cheats weren't due to hunger at all! 

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Have any of you done slim fast before? 

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