Sunday, 24 August 2014

Travel | what's in my suitcase

It has been way too long since I packed a summer suitcase.

Well it's only been 2 years so I'm being a bit spoilt there but I was so excited to pack! I'm off to calafornia for 3 weeks for a family holiday so have tried to keep half my suitcase empty for newbies ;)

This was so tough so I thought I'd show you what made the final cut. 

A couple of light jackets/ cover ups (I also added in a denim shirt). 

Some day dresses and playsuits.. I don't want to give too much away incase I decide to do a few outfit posts. 

Skirts, skorts & shorts. 

A whole load of random tops.. LA Lakers top just seemed a must seeing as that's where I'm jetting off to. 

A small bag for carrying around daily necessities, I opted for gold as it goes with most and it's quite summery, also this style takes up no room in the old suitcase. 

A couple of pairs of pjs, If your familiar with the US you may have shopped in a store called 'old navy' it's kind of like a cheaper version of gap. I absolutely love their pajamas and mine are all well worn so I'm in need of some new ones which is why I've opted for only a couple pairs to pack. 

I couldn't resist picking up my nephew some cute little holiday bits. 

 A hat and sunglasses, I also have ray bans at my mums but I don't think they really suit me. I might take them to see if they grow on me but I haven't decided yet. 

Footwear.. This was the hardest for me to cut down but I did it eventually after a lot of debating. I went for 3 simple pairs of sandles & my white and red nikes just incase I need comfy shoes one day. 

I don't know why I'm sharing my undies with you.. Pretty self explanatory and an essential if I do say so myself. 

A beach towel & a few bikinis. 

Make up, nail stuff & my favourite summer perfume. 

I went so OTT on toiletries. But I'm hoping I will have used the majority before I fly back! 

And of course, my hand luggage. I am so 90s. Separate post of what's in there is already up. 

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