Sunday, 20 July 2014

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Who doesn't love a haul?

It is safe to say that I should not be allowed into town unsupervised. I used to not really get on with shopping and spent most of my time online shopping instead. I then realised I just don't like shopping with other people. 

Shopping by yourself means that you can go at your own speed and look in the shops you want to and go back an forth all day.. As great as it is for me shopping alone my bank account is not as appreciative! 

I initially popped into town for cushions and toiletries and came back with two dead arms and an unmanagable amount of stuff. 

I did manage to get the cushions so that's one thing! 2 for £7 in primark and they were exactly what I was after to dress up my bed a bit. I have recently moved which you may be aware of if you follow me on twitter (@passion0527) so the house was still looking a bit bare! 

I also picked up these cool fridge magnet photo frames for £1 in home bargains, a candle from primark £2 I love these candles and buy them repeatedly! I also got some maskin tape from a stationary store for £3 to attach some fairy lights to the ceiling above my bed. 

This was £1 in primark so I just couldn't leave it there! 

The last 'home' item was these slippers, £2 in primark and they are so fluffy and comfy! I now have laminate flooring in my hallway and kitchen so I didn't want cold feet in the mornings. 

On to the holiday buys - the real reason for my shopping trip. I've been preparing to go on holiday for months now and as the count down is getting closer i new it was time to start picking up all my holiday toiletries. How cute is that miniature Nivea I got for my hand luggage for 65p!! 

More holiday buys.. 

A big beach towel is a must for going on holiday, I had been meaning to pick up the leopard print one in primark for ages and kept forgetting, when I finally went to pick it up they were all sold out :( luckily there was 1 zebra print one left so I got that as a consolation prize. 

I haven't worn foam flip flops in years (other than the ones I have been handed by the street angels on a night out when I can no longer handle my heels) so I thought these might be a welcome addition for quick trips to the pool. 

This was a shitter to photograph so I gave up trying. It's a lace playsuit cover up, again perfect for quick trips to the pool. I originally picked it up in white but they didn't have my size & I thought black probably went better with my bikini collection anyway. 

Now for the completely radom buys, I am a compulsive underwear buyer and thoroughly believe I'll have to build an extension in the near future to hold it all! It's something I pick up on impulse more often than not. 

It's my brothers birthday coming up and instead of cold hard cash I opted for dollars so he can spend them on holiday. Also chocolate,  everyone likes chocolate for their birthday right! 

I have a small tattoo on one of my knuckles so I always were costume rings to cover it whilst at work, primark jewellery is cheap and good enough quality to do the job so I'm always on a look out at their jewellery and couldn't resist these little bits coming to a total of £6!

Red hair can be a mare to keep up so hair dye is a frequent buy for me. 

This is a strange thing to put in a haul but I thought I may as well include it. I have been doing slim fast this last week and found myself in town later than expected absolutely starving so picked these up just to keep my stomach at bay until I got home! 

Last but definitely not least. Elmo pjs and nemo socks!! These are the sort of things you see and just can't imagine your life without them. I am such a big kid at heart.  

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    1. Hi Charlotte,

      Thank you so much for nominating me! I am so sorry that I have only just seen this, I am currently away from home with little internet access and a lot of scheduled posts!

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