Sunday, 27 July 2014

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As soon as I saw this in this months glamour magazine I new I had to have it.

Firstly the packaging is stunning and I can't wait to find a good use for this box! The best part about this is that you get to see what's inside before you purchase so there are no unwelcome surprises and you know it's worth your money before you press buy. 

How cute is that little sticker! I love how much effort has gone in to each little detail! It was £16.95 for 9 good sized products worth over £70 in total so an absolute steal and means you get to try some products you wouldn't usually buy. 

Now onto the products! 

1. Rommel Sun Shimmer BB Matte skin perfector 

I love Rommel sun shimmer so was made up to see this in the box. I haven't tried the matte one yet so really excited to see the results of this! Will use up my current one before opening though. £6.99

2. Hawaiian tropic sun protector in factor 30 

This is the perfect size for your handbag to carry around on holiday and seeing as I'm jetting off soon it was great timing. I normally opt for a lower factor as I don't burn that easily but it will be nice to have the higher factor for beach days where there isn't much shade. It smells amazing too. 
£6.49 for full size (200ml)

3. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Having naturally oily skin this cleanser seemed quite intimidating to me! But I have tried it out and loved the results. I will do a proper review once I use up my current 1000 cleansers I have on the go ( I wish I could find one I like and stick to it already!). 

4. Bourjois cream blush in shade 03 rose tender

I have been using this everyday and cannot get enough, my usual blush was a powder kind and I think the cream kind leaves a much more natural effect to your skin so goes great with tinted moisturiser. 

5. Crabtree & Everlyn nail polish in red shade apple/rouge sublime

Weirdly, I didn't actually own a red nail varnish. I think I have always associated it with older women and shyed away from it completely. I tried the shade out a day or 2 later and really loved it. It wasn't to harsh and was super easy to apply. Blog post coming soon. 

6. Magnifibres 

This was probably my favourite item included in the box. I'm a huge lover of false lashes so anything lash related is worth a try in my books. I had red a few bad reviews so was a bit apprehensive about trying it out but the results I achieved instantly changed that. More ok these in an upcoming blog post. 

7. Velvotan tanning mit

During the winter month I can't quite bare to flash my paper white skin so opt for a rich shade of orange instead. With applying fake tan a mit is a must have, I have gone through countless & am sure this one will be up there with others in quality terms. 

8. Toni & Guy hair whip
Everyone loves big hair including me. I am so excited to try this, it promises big volumous hair without the sticky mess. 

9. Illimasquia glamour nude lipstick in the shade naked

This was my main reason for purchasing the beauty box and I was so disappointed to find the shade naked in there. It's probably the shade that would suit my skin toan the worst of the whole collection but I keep trying it and am hoping it will grow on me. 

Did any off you purchase this beauty box? What was your favourite item?
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