Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Work Life | Mid week mini series | the work saga: part 2 (2)

We are on week 2 of part 2 of the work saga.. That was a mouthful.

This is a boring but very much staple style in any females shoe collection expecially when it comes to work wear. 

Style 1: 

A must have in any girls wardrobe. The black dolly shoe although basic and boring, goes with just about anything and are comfy as hell! These babies were about  £6 from primark. 

Style 2: 
Here we have the same shoe but a different colour, like a shoe twin. I haven't even worn these yet and am not sure how to describe the colour of them but I thought they were a pretty natural colour for work and will come in handy over summer when it want to avoid black. 

Make sure you subscribe to see next weeks styles, I promise they are more exciting! 

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