Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Work Life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: part 3 (1)

I can't believe I'm on part 3 already, doesn't time fly when your having fun!

I wanted to show you what jewellery I wear for work this month. I'm not really a massive fan of jewellery, I normally stick to a a simple gold ring that used to belong to my mum, my Tiffany bracelet & some kind of earrings. 

For work I try to wear statement earrings in the stud variety just to look a bit smarter and I always have a costume ring on for work to cover a tattoo I have. 

I love these as I don't often wear cream jewellery so it makes a nice change. Both from primark & cost £1.50 each I think. 

These are oldies but goodies. You can tell that they have probably seen better days and are probably 20% superglue right now. They were from riverisland.. I'm going to go with 6 years ago? Wow that's insane. I still love them. There so in your face and bright and leopard and pink and sometimes you just need that. 

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