Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Work life | Mid week mini series | The work saga: part 2 (4)

Shoes as by far my favourite and I'm sure I have already mentioned that a few times.  This is the last in this part so here goes the last 2 pairs.

Style 1:

So simple yet so Dorothy. It's nice to brighten up a work outfit, I feel like maybe everyone in my office hates me for always wearing such bright outfits and making them look duller than they actually are! haha 

Style 2: 

These were a great buy last year. £12 from primark and they are comfy and flat and high and black and have heels and what more could you want!! These have got a bit battered for work now but in good condition they were perfect for the office! 

I never get tired of buying shoes and my shoe collection got out of hand a long time ago but sometimes you just 'need them' 

It's weird to think that, all these shoes, and my go to pair are a battered up pair of nike air max! 

I haven't decided the theme for part 3 yet so you will have to subscribe to find out! 
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